10 Responses When Your Girl Says I Love You, But You're Not Ready To Say It Back

Show You Care

Though you love her, you're not sure you're ready to say it. Despite not using the L word, reassure her that you care. Go out of your way to show this.

Explain Extensively

This may seem like homework, but love is. It's not enough to say you're not ready. If you've reached that point in your relationship, she deserves to know why you're not saying it.

Be Unconventional

You don't have to say those four-letter words yet. Even if it takes months, don't criticize yourself. One person describes how their partner finally said it in a unique way.

Your Heart Is Safe With Me.

“Thank you, it is good to know,” one person said the last time he had this issue. Please know that your heart is safe with me until I find the courage to say I love you back."

Just Roll With It

Rolling with it can be best. Say it if you think you'll get there. I say this as a woman: few women can understand that you're not saying it back. A smaller percentage want to feel "more invested."

Different Pages

Many suggest saying, “I think you are awesome, and we are reading the same book, but I am a couple of pages behind you.” Try this if you hate to play it safe. It's your choice.

It's a Big Commitment.

Commitment takes time for some. When cornered, say, "I love spending time with you, and you are so special to me, but I'm not sure I'm ready for this level of commitment yet." I hope you comprehend.”

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