Ways To Show A Man You Love Him!

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1) Avoid using the phone & put it down. Try to keep the phone away & talk with him with eye contact maintained!

2) Dress up when you are meeting him. It shows him that he is important to you & you want to look nice for him!

3) It's an old saying that a man's heart's way goes from his stomach. So make his favorite meal. 

4) If he is into maintaining a good life style, so should you. It comes as you also want to live a happy long lie with him!

5) Tell him to take out some time for himself. It will show him that you are caring about him!

6) Compliment him but do not over do it. Give him genuine compliments, and he will appreciate them!

7) If you are spending time together, let him make all the decisions like which movie to watch or what to eat!

8) Thank him for all the little things he does for you even if he is giving you a rose. You need to thank him to feel loved. 

9) Give him a good long hug so that he also knows that you love him & totally into him!

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