The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Leave You at the Altar

Love-filled weddings are fun. It could be your best day if it's your wedding. What if someone gets cold feet? Over time, the gossip mill starts working.


Virgos obsess over small details and spiral downward if things aren't perfect. They dislike second-best.


You'd think attention-seeking Leo would love to be the center of attention at the altar, but they could flee if things go wrong.


Gemini, like Virgo, spirals or overthinks when things go wrong. Geminis worry more about being disliked or saying the wrong things. They want a life partner but can't commit and change their minds quickly.


Aquariuses are aloof and detached, so marrying is a big deal. They're unique and don't like labels. Air signs will flee anything traditional or normal.


Aries aren't "finding your other half" people. They'll focus on improving each other and growing if they get married.


Sagittarius hates being confined and is restless. They are the zodiac sign most likely to break up because marriage scares them.

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