The Best Breakup Advice She Ever Got

If you love someone, breaking up is hard. Staying or leaving a relationship is even harder. It may be your most difficult choice.

If you think your love interest is playing you, it may be time to reconsider. A guy who promises a committed relationship but never follows through is exploiting your affection.

Whether it's hope, uncertainty, familiarity, or societal expectations keeping you in a toxic relationship, you're only delaying the inevitable.

In that type of relationship, a breakup is inevitable, and waiting may worsen the outcome.

“Indecision is a decision,” Lauren said. “If someone can't decide your place in their life and they're not sure they want a relationship, that's a decision.”

“When you really want and love someone, that decision is easy and you don't even have to think about it,” she said.

If someone is keeping you waiting, you know what they want. They've decided.” Don't wait if you're stuck in this situation. When ready, be honest and respectfully cut ties.

You may want to contact him again in weak moments. But stay firm and rest assured that you made the right choice for you and your growth.

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