Signs You Are Becoming Better & Mature

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1) You enjoy spending time alone and don't have the urge to meet people often.

2) You accept your past and try to learn from it rather than regretting it. 

3) You try to understand the view point of others even if you don't agree with them. 

4) You like to take on new challenges & want to learn more for self-discovery. 

5) You are not getting influenced by others' opinions on you & rather keep your track the same. 

6) You are more focused on your health & eat healthily & doing physical activities. 

7) You are now forgiving people for their mistakes but not letting them in your life again. 

8) You don't back off when things get tough for you & rather try more to achieve the goals. 

9) You don't feel bad about yourself if someone is not choosing you & rather stay happy as you are. 

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