Men Totally Hate These Things In Women

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1) Not Being Honest

Men totally don't like women who can't be honest about things, One time they say one thing and another time different. 

2) Self-Centerdness

Yes everyone should think about themselves but women who are too self-centerd are not liked by men.

3) Pretending As Dumb

Some women deliberately show that they are dumb which is definitely not a quality liked by men. 

4) Always on the phone

Women should not be on the phone when they are with their men. It is the most unliked thing in women. 

5) Playing hard to get

It is liked by some men but most men don't like to chase too much. 

6) Narrow-Mindedness

Some women are very narrow-minded about being a woman and men don't like such women. 

7) Too open minded

Some women are too much open-minded and that doesn't suit most men, which makes them undesirable. 

8) Helpless Women

Some women show they are helpless and can't do anything & this does not go right with men who like independent women. 

9) Not Reciprocating Things

It is definitely the thing that men don't like in women. Women should understand that efforts need to be equal, not the same. 

10) Being disrespectful to others

Women who can't be respectful to others, are not much liked by men. 

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