Lies About Love That Are Not True

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1) Jealousy means you are crazy for me

No, that's a wrong thing! If your partner is too much jealous of even small things, it means they need help or are insecure about themselves. 

2) Love at first sight

Love, at first sight, is really rare, It comes out of mutual acceptance and requires hard work from both sides. 

3) As I won you over, you're mine!

No this is not right. You need to win over your partner every single moment and day. You do not own your partner!

4) Not calling after first date = not loving you

No, it is not necessary if a person does not call you after the first date, it means he does not love you. They may need time to consider. 

5) Love=doing everything together

No, it is totally wrong. It means you can do things together, but also need to give space to each other whenever required. 

6) You like me but I always have to call you

If a person likes, you then they will definitely take out some time for you. If they are not, it is not love!

7) Yes, you love me but you criticize, & laugh at me

If a person is blaming you. laughing at you or criticizing you, then it is definitely not love. You need to open your eyes!

8) If you love, do as I say

It is totally wrong to become their slave if they love you or you love them. It is a mutual relationship of understanding not slaving!

9) People who love have not differences

No, it is totally wrong. People who are in love with each other always have differences with each other and it is sort of healthy. 

10) You can love without trust

That's completely wrong! It cannot ever happen, if you don't trust your partner you cannot fully love them. 

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