Astrologers believe April 11 is the luckiest day. Here's why


Shine and sparkle now. Sun and Jupiter are in Aries, your sign, for your solar return. Enjoy it. You can shine now. Avoid being upstaged.


You want a sanctuary. Yoga or meditation can help you find spirituality and peace. These practices will ground and regulate you.


To network, update LinkedIn. You never know who will hire you or give you career advice.


Realize your career goals today. Put your career goals on paper to start. Dreams and execution are essential. This exercise will give you stamina to achieve your goals.


Though difficult, taking the high road is worth it. Be mature and responsible during this time. You let go and live your best life instead of arguing and trying to control the situation.


Plan for a financial windfall. If your bank account is flush, start a savings plan to avoid future financial issues.


Your relationship may have been rocky lately. Good news—the mood is improving. You can recommit to your relationship to grow closer.


A quick morning and evening self-care routine will boost your self-esteem. Take charge during the sun-Jupiter conjunction with self-confidence.


Today may be a creative breakthrough for your project. Let your mind wander.


Family day. Honor the good and allow it to grow. It's not perfect. It's better! It's real.


Today will resolve recent miscommunications. It's a good time to reconcile with people from your past and present (or vice versa). Express yourself now.


Like sleeping on a rosebud. As your problems disappear, life will be easier than ever. Take this vibe seriously. Enjoy the day's good vibes before they fade.

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