9 Things You Don't Know Can Ask From Hotel

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1) Forgotten Toiletries

Surely you can get soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste & hair products, but you can even ask for shaving kits, deodorants etc. too.

2) Special Room

Yes, it can happen in many hotels if you request them or if they find out that you are newly married. Sometimes a special room can come at some extra cost.

3) Body Pillows

If you are used to having your favorite teddy in your arms but can't find at the hotel, you can ask for it. Many hotels have these and can provide you. 

4) Laundry Bags

Some hotels provide laundry service and have laundry bags. You can have these bags with you but you need to ask them first. 

5) Bicycles

Yes, some hotels have the facility to rent bikes to their guests either at some cost or not cost at all. 

6) Breakfast

Surely many hotels provide breakfast option but if you ask for something specific you can ask for it.

7) Umbrellas

Yes, umbrellas are an additional service that can be provided by your hotel as you are there guest. 

8) Workout Equipment

Surely, hotels have gyms but if you want to workout in private, then you can get them at your room. 

9) Phone Chargers

Many phone chargers are left behind in hotels, so if you haven't had your charger, you can ask for one from hotel.

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