9 Soft Foods To Consume When Have Mouth Ache

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1) Pudding

If you have a mouth pain and don't feel like chewing, then try pudding. It will be healthy and filling. 

2) Jell-O

Jell-O is another great option to have when having mouth pain or dental issues. 

3) Ice Cream

Having a new tooth in mouth, why not try ice cream to avoid eating & the pain of jaw? 

4) Popsicles

If you want something soothing in your mouth without the need to chew, lick some popsicles. 

5) Hummus

Why not try hummus to avoid chewing and increasing that mouth pain? Go for hummus!

6) Mashed Potatoes

Want something filling in your stomach without chewing and having mouth pain, Go for mashed potatoes!

7) Salmon

Salmon will be really easy to eat without the need to chew it much and feel that mouth pain. 

8) Broths

Have all the nutrition of food and even more by just drinking the broth. 

9) Oatmeal

Oatmeal is recommended when sick & it is even better when having mouth pain. 

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