9 Restaurant Habits That Staffers Dislike

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1) Holding Your Glass To Get Refill

Waiters don't like this habit that you find polite. Actually, it can result in a spill. So put it down & let them pour. 

2) Going to server station

Don't go to the server station, staffers don't like it. Rather, call them & ask for assistance. 

3) Splitting the cheque while paying

You should ask for share beforehand or afterwards paying. But don't do it, while waiter is waiting for you to pay.

4) Putting trash in glass

This is definitely not the right thing to do. Place the napkin or trash in the respective place. 

5) Using too much sweet names

Don't call the servers sweet names, they don't actually like them. rather call them by their name. 

6) Ordering for everyone

Let the people order themselves and don't order for them. It is not right thing to do. 

7) Giving cooking instructions

Just ask the waiter for specialized thing you want and don't tell them special cooking instructions. 

8) Stacking plates

After eating, it is not right to stack plates. It does not look good. 

9) Ordering from other waiter

You should wait rather than ordering from another waiter. It can make things confusing to them. 

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