7 Floor Exercises That Transform Your Body After 40

1. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers target abs and hip flexors. Bring one knee to your chest while doing pushups. Switch legs quickly, raising your opposite knee. Find a rhythm and do 30 reps (15 per side) per set.

2. Knee to Chest

Knees to chest is another great front-facing core exercise. Sit on the floor with your legs extended and torso leaning back. Sit up with your knees to your chest. Slowly return to the starting position as your knees approach your chest. Repeat for the full set.

3. Superman Back Extensions

For serious body changes, train your frontside and backside. Superman back extensions work glutes, midback, and upperback. They prevent rounded shoulders and neck and headache pain by keeping your thoracic area mobile.

4. Donkey Kicks

On-the-floor donkey kicks shape glutes. Start on all fours. Raise one leg toward the ceiling with a bent knee. Squeeze your glute at the top and return to the start. Switch sides after completing one set.

5. Plank Leg Raises

Plank leg raises work glutes and the frontal core isometrically. Plank on your elbows or hands. Lift one leg by pointing your heel upward. Squeeze your glute at the top, return to the starting position, and repeat for the full set on one side before switching.

6. Glute Bridges

Glute bridges improve glute strength, low back health, and fitness. Lying on your back, palms down, start. Flatten your feet and raise your knees. Raise your hips with foot pressure. Squeeze the top and slowly return to the start.

7. Bird Dogs

Bird dog is the last floor exercise to shape your body after 40. Bird dogs train core anti-rotation muscles through isolation and stability. Start on all fours. Straighten your opposite arm and leg completely. Return slowly. Switch sides after completing one set.

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