10 low-maintenance dog breeds

1. Dachshund

Long-haired Dachshunds require a lot of work, while wire-haired ones need grooming occasionally. Short-coated dogs need only a weekly brush to remove excess hair. They're a near-perfect low-maintenance breed.

2. French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are clean unless they're playing in mud. Brushing is simple because their short, fine fur doesn't mat. Their hair type makes shedding easy.

3. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are fun to walk in a park or around the block because they only need 20–30 minutes of exercise per day, possibly split into two or three walks. Brushing them weekly takes only a few minutes. Shedding isn't a problem, either.

4. Greyhound

Due to their controversial use in racing, Greyhounds may seem restless. No way. They're not hyperactive and enjoy gardening or brisk walks. They prefer short bursts of speed, but an hour outdoors will keep them fit.

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers need regular grooming. Their matt-prone coat needs daily brushing (that way, you can avoid problems building up). Infections like ear canal inflammation require ear care.

6. Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terriers require only a weekly brush of their short, smooth coat. Due to their cleanliness, they only need baths every three months. They don't stink!

7. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds fit your lifestyle. They enjoy self-care. They'll travel with you too. They're so laid back you'd think they'd rather not see you, but that's part of their charm.

8. Whippet

Greyhounds and whippets are often confused. Not. Although smaller and less muscular, whippets share many traits, including low maintenance.

9. Pug

You and your Pug don't want to go outside in the rain. Do you need a coat or can this breed exercise indoors? Both are lucky. If you go outside, a Pug only needs 30 minutes.

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